Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring projects

I was really busy with several monogramming orders for a few weeks so I thought I would catch y'all up on some projects I've worked on.  

Burp Cloth gifts
 Simple bib gifts
A friend had premature identical twin boys and before their arrival I monogrammed 26 preemie & newborn onesies to be their uniforms!  
 A friend in Texas placed an order for these personalized items for her newborn and almost 2 year old 
(I can ship to you for $6)
appliqued initial onesie (I have multiple sizes of onesies in stock)
How precious is this appliqued initial ruffle girl romper?
(I have these girl and some plain boy rompers stocked)
 matching big brother T shirt 
(I have all size boy t shirts and ruffle sleeve girl t shirts stocked)
i love the appliqued initials and have a ton of fabrics to choose from
I included these goodies as a gift for her new baby girl
A local friend brought me some clothes she had purchased and had me monogram onto them
Applique Letter and monogram name burp cloth
I even made a few things for myself
Initials on a Danskin athletic jacket that I now wear ALL the time!
and made a simple summer tank cuter with a teal initial
My sister brought me a bunch of her children's clothes to monogram
So, those are a few examples of things I can do for you!  Please let me know if you have something in mind, send me example pictures of what you want done, bring me your items to monogram, or place an order for anything I have stocked to be monogrammed, appliqued, or both!  

Now, if only I would finally make the time to monogram the stack of my own son's summer clothes... hopefully that will be my next post! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recent Projects

I have been busy trying to juggle baby and working from home so I haven't made as much time for monogramming as I would like lately, but I have still done a few projects and am now setup and prepared to take orders. 

A shirt for my nephew Bennett to wear in Disney World
 Teacher gift appliqued dish towels for Wells' MDO teachers
A baby gift for a friend's baby shower: name on hooded towels
 Wells' initials on 2 outfits
 Wells' Mother's Day Out/Church Nursery bag
 My friend ordered all of this to give as a baby shower gift
I have stocked up on so many awesome fabrics recently to do more appliques!  The polka dots and chevrons came in the mail this past week and I can't wait to use them on some fun projects to show you soon!  
I have stocked inventory of baby oneises, burp cloths, bibs, girl diaper cover panties, and should have child T-shirts stocked up soon for summer shirts.  I can also monogram on items you provide to me.

Click on the Fonts, Appliques, and Applique Fonts Tabs at the top of the blog to see all of the awesome new things I have gotten since my last post.  Email me at for prices on specific jobs since I haven't gotten all of that posted to the blog yet.

 Please let me know if you need something done or have any ideas for projects and I would love to help! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi and welcome to my new blog!

I am just starting my monogramming business as a side job since having baby Wells (12 weeks old today).  I will be adding to my font selections and appliques along the way so please be patient and feel free to make requests (links to Font & Applique example pages are at the top of the page).  I am working on a price list now and will eventually have some inventory as well.  I will make blog posts of my projects to show examples.  

Currently I am open for business to do monograms and appliques on items of your choice.  Email me for inquiries and orders.  

The name Sweet Pea Stitches came from my nickname on Ben's side of the family being "sweet pea" for about 10 years!  I hope you like it and thank you for your business!